Introducing Beth Brown

Beth Brown Illustrations on The Patternbase

A draftswoman, composer, and experimental phonographer, Beth Brown works and practices in Baltimore, MD. Her intricate ink drawings and euphonic processed field recordings share a common thread of accumulated texture and detail that create micro-landscapes. These delicate arrangements guide the viewer/listener’s exploration of the vast  topographical expanse that exists within each individual piece.

Brown was born in Houston, TX and spent half her childhood in the country where she began to cultivate a love for solitary acts of tedium. Her mother is a practicing oil painter and writer and her father was a research scientist and electrical engineer with fifteen patents attributed to his life’s work. Deeply influenced by her parent’s creative pursuits and ample alone time, Brown began exploring different mediums and graduated from Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) with a BFA in Painting and a concentration in Curatorial Studies. Since her graduation in 2011, she produced her first album, has begun working on a second under the moniker “Brune”, and won a grant for her experimental phonography. Her visual work is featured in publications including Visual News, Forage Press, MAKE8ELIEVE, Juxtapoz, and Booooooom! where her viewers and critics have described her ink drawings as “a beautiful phenomenon”, “incredibly enveloping”, and “iconic across mediums.” She plans to attend an interdisciplinary MFA program to further her craft and research.

Beth Brown, Constriction No.1

Constriction No.1, detail

Beth Brown, Constriction No.2

Constriction No.2, detail

Beth Brown, Constriction No.3

Constriction No.3, detail

Beth Brown, Constriction No.4, 2013, Ink on Paper, 22”x30”

Constriction No.4, detail

Beth Brown, Constriction No.5, 2014, Ink on Paper, 22”x30”

Constriction No.5, detail