Introducing Emerald Grippa

Emerald Grippa Scarf Design on The Patternbase

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Emerald Grippa has never had a problem finding inspiration for her art. But it wasn’t until she saw a woman crossing the street with a vivid red scarf streaming behind her that she knew she needed to turn her ideas into something more tangible.

Emerald spent many happy childhood days developing her artistic spirit in her father’s converted barn studio in Peru. As she grew older, Emerald began to understand the beauty that comes from combining art with functionality by paying close attention to her mother, an interior designer. Now, her bold, subversive, and supremely wearable designs can be found on artful dressers all over the country.

Dress artfully

Emerald Grippa’s scarf designs are rich in color, texture, and depth, inspired by everything from fine art to found photos. Our innovative digital printing technique lets us explore a broader range of colors and a sharper level of detail than traditional screenprinting would. The results are distinctive wardrobe pieces that transform neutral outfits and complement bold ones.

And we use only 100% silk, so your scarf will feel like a little piece of luxury around your neck, your hair, your waist, or your wrist—however you choose to dress artfully.

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