Featured Artist Interview: Aina Martinez Snape

Aina Martinez Snape is an artist and textile designer from Catalonia, Spain. We initially became interested in her work due to her feminine color palette, linework, geometrics, deconstructed shapes and abstract layered collages. Her textile design style reflects the ongoing melding between fine art and fashion. Aina's paintings are a discussion about the way women have been constructed throughout history. Through her color palette and shapes she divides the large narratives visually. Her work is an example of the way that contemporary artists express themselves in a multitude of mediums, while each medium directly or indirectly feeds off the other. Enjoy our brief interview and Aina's work below.

PB: Give us a brief background on your work. How did you start to get into textile design?

AMS: I have been working within' fashion for more than fifteen years. When I graduated in fine arts I started to work in fashion. I always looked to fashion as artistic expression and understood it as an expression of social media.

During the last eight years, I worked with fabric and printed textile suppliers. I also worked with print textile studios. Three years ago, I had the opportunity to develop my own print design label. Since then I clearly saw that my passion for art and textiles combined perfectly in printed pattern creations. So, I decided two years ago to develop my own patterns.

M Structure 2 , acrylic on wood, 30x40 cms

M Structure 2, acrylic on wood, 30x40 cms

Fert 1 , acrylic and pen on paper, stretched frame, 27x27x4 cms

Fert 1, acrylic and pen on paper, stretched frame, 27x27x4 cms

PB: How do your paintings and textile designs work together cohesively and inspire each other?

AMS: Both of them are really important to me. I consider them totally different to one another. But surely, my passion for colors can be denoted on my textile designs.

PB: What are your favorite mediums to use for your textile designs?

AMS: There are so many techniques to make textile designs. I love to experiment with any handmade technique first. I also like photography, but drawing, painting, stamping, dying and collage are the most important to start with before working with digital techniques.

PB: What is your current favorite trend or motif in textile design right now?

AMS: I do not have one specific favorite trend at the moment. But I always keep an eye on the ones done more artistically, especially the hand-painted motifs. I love any designs inspired by contemporary art themes in the past or contemporary. Personally, I always have my designs reflect a deconstructed form.

Find 1 , acrylic and pen on paper, stretched frame, 27x27x4 cms

Find 1, acrylic and pen on paper, stretched frame, 27x27x4 cms

PB: What is your work inspired by?

AMS: My work is inspired by deconstructivism. I am inspired by fragment manipulation on surfaces and structures. I also love form experiments and unbalanced geometrics. Deconstruction gives me the tool to make new creations from what is already existing.

PB: How do you feel about a studio workspace?

AMS: I must admit that I love going everyday to the studio. It is my peaceful space, where I feel comfortable. I can think, experiment, laugh, dance and, drink tea or lemonade and make things come out. The workspace is essential for any creative process. It is the place I feel happy.

PB: Describe your style as a textile designer. Do you prefer to keep your own style or are you heavily inspired by trend?

AMS: I must cover all fields. I work with different customers and must focus on each one. I like creating in my own style, but in terms of a specific trend commission I must adjust to a more commercial design. I always put a new twist on them and it works.

PB: What are your favorite colors to work with right now and why do you feel influenced by these colors?

AMS: I never noticed my color palette inclination until my textile design teacher told me! Now I admit that I love all palette colors that morph into grey. These are influenced by my paintings. My paintings talk about women and skin color is representative of the theme.

PB: Anything new and exciting you want our readers to know about?

I have several projects on my mind, but most my most exciting one is a printed t-shirt collection with my own designs. I am also in the midst of creating a handbag and houseware collection as well, soon to be available on my Etsy shop.

View more of Aina's work on her blog and tumblr.