Featured Artist: Lisa Corti

Today we have an interview with designer, Lisa Corti, conducted by our first contributing writer, Liz Perez! Perfect for new warm weather and sprouted flowers, our featured artist is Lisa Corti, a textile and surface designer from Milan. Her textile and surface designs are for both home and fashion. They’re bright, authentic, and inspired by […]

Featured Artist: Pattern Nostrum

Two Tuscan artists make up Pattern Nostrum, a pattern project that does the same to the eyes as the Magic Eye books. The duo is made up of Chiara Lanzillotta, a graduate in Costume Design Fashion Culture and Style from the University of Florence, and Stefano Roiz, an art director and photographer with a degree […]

Introducing atelier bingo.

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Atelier bingo are Maxime Prou & Adèle Favreau, two illustrators/graphic designers from France. They love experimenting with screen printing and other graphic techniques to create colorful and abstract works for paper and textiles. Follow atelier bingo. on Tumblr! http://bingo2000.tumblr.com/ www.atelier-bingo.fr

Introducing Emerald Grippa

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Emerald Grippa has never had a problem finding inspiration for her art. But it wasn’t until she saw a woman crossing the street with a vivid red scarf streaming behind her that she knew she needed to turn her ideas into something more tangible. Emerald spent many happy childhood days […]

Introducing Beth Brown

A draftswoman, composer, and experimental phonographer, Beth Brown works and practices in Baltimore, MD. Her intricate ink drawings and euphonic processed field recordings share a common thread of accumulated texture and detail that create micro-landscapes. These delicate arrangements guide the viewer/listener’s exploration of the vast  topographical expanse that exists within each individual piece. Brown was […]